Stephanie & Bertus :: Clanwilliam Farm wedding

Loved everything about Stephanie & Bertus wedding celebration. It was held at Stephanie’s parents farm in Clanwilliam right next to the big dam. It was a celebration like no other – They are a fun loving laid back couple and off course everything about their day reflect just that.

They tied the knot in a small stone church in town, arrived in a boat by twilight sky, watch the biodegradable sky lanterns set up in the heavens & celebrated the night away.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome – wishing you two endless happiness & let that flame burn . always




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5 Responses to Stephanie & Bertus :: Clanwilliam Farm wedding

  1. Stephanie Louw says:

    Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! Love jou foto’s! Dankie charlene dat jy elke spesiaale oomblik vir ons vasgevang het!

  2. Lize Enderstein says:

    So mooi xxx dit was n baie spesiale dag vir almal van ons! Foto’s is stunning!! Stephanie en Bertus het alby pragtig gelyk. Dankie vir lekka troue xxx mwah mwah mwah xxx

  3. Sisteen Louw says:

    Wat ‘n happy family! En elke oomblik het jy so mooi vasgevang. Vir ‘n beter fotograaf sal julle ver moet gaan soek. Ek is so bly jou foto’s is nie ‘over gephotoshop’ nie. Pastelle is so mooi. Baie baie dankie Charlene. David-Thys en Lare precnancy shoot net so mooi.

  4. Wilhelmien vd Merwe says:

    Pragtige foto’s! Dis wonderlik dat ons deel daarvan kon wees.

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