Stacey & Ty :: Zorgvliet, Stellenbosch

Meet Stacey & Ty.

Madly in love and laid-back altruists. They are crazy & goofy around each other and had us folded over in stitches for the most part of the day. And they also laughed at our silly jokes :)

They chose to get married at Zorgvliet, which is nestled in the Banghoek Valley just outside of Stellenbosch. Luscious flowers and foliage adorned the chandeliers & the tables carefully arranged by Royal Blu, with the majestic mountains and vineyards as a backdrop. It was an intimate wedding with most guests coming from the UK which resulted in a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere.

Stacey & Ty, the two of you are wonderful people and it was SO good to get to know you, laugh with you & document the start of your journey together.

Love C

Zorgvliet Wedding, Stellenbosch



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