Mari & Francois :: De Oewer, Stellenbosch

There are way too many reasons why I LOVED shooting Mari & Francois’s wedding. To name but a few :: Both Mari & Francois are artists in their own right. Mari is a fashion designer and recently started her own fashion label, Black Dahlia. She has also made her own wedding dress! RESPECT.

Francois plays in the band Autumn of August, hence using the guitar in our creative couple shoot. They entirely rocked the Photo shoot. I have a slight feeling that Francois had lots of practice in the past posing for band photography. They got married under a huge Oak tree at De Oewer in Stellenbosch, where they also danced the night away beneath the warm summer sky.

Mari and Francois, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your memories. You made it too easy. Wishing you continued happiness, creativity and love. x

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16 Responses to Mari & Francois :: De Oewer, Stellenbosch

  1. Jadri Becker says:

    Jul foto’s is so mooi!
    Van die familie in Namibie!

  2. Kay Vorster says:

    Utterly Stunning! Absolutely in Love with this Charlene! Fabulous Work!

  3. Annemari says:

    Wow, wow, wow x 10000, Charlene! Jy het die troue gerock!

  4. Love the dress and the nail polish!!!!! WOW WOW WOW the photo’s ROCK!!!!

  5. Kobus Tollig says:

    Stunning work here well done.

  6. carmen says:

    um BEST WORK that i have seen in a very very long time : the inspiration & artistic juice is over flowing : i like ALOT. baie mooi Chaz.x

  7. Avril Meaker says:

    Wonderful…so unusual and really captured their individuality!!!

  8. magda says:

    Oee, soveel pragtige oomblikke vasgevang. Ek’s mal oor die een van hulle in die water!

  9. Charlene, these pictures have inspired my whole day. I adore how you captured these people and their wedding…it’s perfection:) x

  10. ooooooh my goodness the bride is just DIVINE! that dress that dress that dress wow! soooo well captured Chaz! :) loving this so much!

  11. What a way to start a Friday morning! AWESOME shoot, too many favourites to mention, but loved the one of her on her hunches in the ivy! LOVE the dress :-)

  12. Nikki says:

    Wat ‘n awesome troue! En regtig incredible fotografie, well done!

  13. FREDA ROETJENS says:

    From a tog to a tog – your photo’s are beautiful and creative and stunning. This couple should be over the moon!

  14. Dee says:

    Just had to comment. Charlene – these are absolutely lovely. Even more so because they are so different to the usual formula that most togs in Cape Town seem to follow. Well done.

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