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To me this is a real special post.

Firstly, this my first post. Ever. I am not a writer, never thought myself to be a blogger.

I have to be honest, this is all new to me. The same feeling I had when I picked up my first camera and loaded it 16 years ago. But just there and then I’ve discovered my passion and reason for living. But this will be an entire blog post for another day.

Secondly, this post is about two beautiful people. Once colleagues of mine, now dear  friends. Their story. Their love. It was somewhere on the Atlantic ocean they propose to me: “Hey Chaz, will you shoot our wedding one day?” Of course I said yes.

Luis and Kerry met traveling the seven seas as fellow photographers. Their first date was over a cup of coffee in Finland (Helsinki to be exact). The rest was history. Lisbon meets Cape Town.

Luis and Kerry declared their love and devotion to each other in front of an intimate group of close family and friends. On the most perfect day. Luis and Kerry, I was honoured to shoot your wedding day. I must admit, I was nervous too. Capturing two photographers most special day is something to be a lil nervous about.

I love your story. And I am real happy for you both.

Here are a few of my favourites:

this is my favourite of all the favourites

Rodrigues/Photographer in the making, just like his uncle Luis



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36 Responses to Luis & Kerry :: Groot Constantia

  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! …… just one thing…. I WISH I WAS THERE!
    Welcome to blogging….. it seems to get easier xx

  2. Jill Marie says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging! BEAUTIFUL photos!!! What a wonderful day & what amazing memories you’ve created for Kerry & Luis! I LOVE your work! xxxx A fan from Canada!

  3. Gorgeous pics and beautiful website! Well done!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes! Luis & Kerry – hope you guys have a lifetime of love!
    Great post Charlene – keep ‘em coming!! xx

  5. Dan says:

    This is some really cool stuff Chazza, Kerry and Luis will love it, I’m sure.Too bad I wasn’t there to see everything live :) And Congrats on your new blog :) Cheers from Romania :)

  6. Laura says:

    True emotions from each and every singe image. So beautifully captured, I am in awe!!! and both Luis and Kerry looked stunning!!!!!!!! Wow, Charlene. World class photography!

  7. Liezl says:

    Sjoe Lienas, jy se welkom met n BANG!! elke foto is n meesterstuk. klop jouself op die rug – welgedaan! jou toekoms lyk MOOOOOOI xxxxx

  8. Charlotte says:

    Stunning Chaz! wow we have both come so far since the high seas. I am loving your new blog.

  9. Gena D says:

    Wow Charlene… such awesome shots… love the colourful touches and little details – I’m a sucker for those … can’t begin to say which picture/s I like the best …. they all have a special something … gorgeous reflections … shooo girl, I could go on and on!! Love it !!!
    PS> are you and Kerry related – you like similar in some ways?!
    PS>2 congrats on your website/ blog!! welcome to the blogging world!
    PS>3 I hope we can meet up in C/T (or Jhb) some time!?

    • Charlene Schreuder says:

      Gena, Thank you for your lovely comments! No we are not related, but we are good friends. Some peeps have mentioned our style is kinda similar! Would love to meet up!

  10. Adene says:

    WOW charlene!! Jou werk is ongelooflik – so natuurlik, elke foto is ‘n kunswerk. My wind is uit my seile geslaan. Jy gaan sommer vinnig bo uitkom! x

  11. Charlene Schreuder says:

    Thank you everyone for your beautiful feedback. I am sure the blogging world will become another passion on my lovelist x

  12. Lena says:

    Congratulations from cold winter Portugal! Now I understand all the suspense, because all the photos are amazing.
    And all you people don’t know that Charlene had a 3 year old photograspher “competing” with her…Rodrigo (not Rodrigues!) my son, that capture the most amazing situations and poses from all that were in this weeding (including Charlene).

  13. Neil 'n Kath says:

    Gorgeous photos Charlene…. you are going to be very very busy!!! This work is awesome :-)

  14. tanya says:

    Charlene have done a brilliant job …wow

  15. Ina says:

    OK I have tears in my eyes! So so so proud of you! JY IS AMAZING!!

  16. Jani B says:

    Look out all photographers – we’ve got SERIOUS competition!!! Awesome shots!!!

  17. Magda says:

    Die fotos is pragtig en wat ‘n besondere paartjie maak hulle nie. What a beautiful bride. Charlene you go girl. You will definately make it to the top!!

  18. stephanie says:

    Heere gertie! Super flippin WOW. Awesomeness. Bula. Bula.
    Jy moet seker my en Al ook doen.
    Congrats aan jou pelle. Hulle het die regte persoon gekies om dit te doen.
    Defnitief iets om vas te hou vir die res van jou lewe!

  19. Monique says:

    Oh my word! What talent! These pictures are just FANTASTIC! Well done girl…:-) What a beautiful couple! x

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  21. Kym Burmester says:

    wow wow wow…

  22. Squirrel says:

    Chazza, these are awesome, thanks so much for being as fantastic as you are… love you long time!

  23. Kim Ing says:

    fantastic post Charlene!

  24. Erin Wallis says:

    Stunning! The anticipation was worth the beautiful delivery. Looking forward to seeing you become a blogging sensation! You let me feel like I was somehow a part of a beautiful friends gorgeous wedding. Thank you. Kerry… get out of town, you are gorgeous!!!!
    Love the vinyard walk away shot, the ‘just married’ shots and them all.
    Beautiful Charlene! Congrats to all!

  25. Marlize says:

    Baie mooi Charlene!! xx

  26. Jean-Marie says:

    Uiteindelik kan ek jou werk sien!! STUNNING!!!
    Kan nie wag om jou Donderdag te ontmoet nie.
    Jy is waarlik baie talentvol

  27. Jeremy says:

    WOW! Great photo’s Charlene! Kerry jy is soo pragtig!! Hugs and Kisses for everybody, what the f@*%!!

  28. Willies says:

    Lienas, dit is regtig amazing. Kan nie dink ek het al sulke mooi foto’s gesien nie. Die moments wat jy capture lyk net so spesiaal soos jy is. Jy moet elke dag dankbaar wees vir jou wonderlike talent! LOVE DIT!!!!

  29. Berna says:

    Ag nee man!!! Dis TE mooi!!! WHOAW!!! Well done Charlene! In daai hitte! you sure did pull it off in a FANTASTIC way!
    LOVE the pics:)

  30. maria joao castelo hick says:

    Congratulations Kerry and Luís !!!!
    We are both very Happy for you….
    The photos are B…E…A…U…T…I…F…U…L…..

    God Bless you always!

    Maria João and David

  31. Willy "G" Santiago says:

    Very beautiful Masterpiece, you just raised the bar!

  32. Celia & Chris Gildenhuys says:

    I just cannot stop looking at the 4 photos were they are dancing! The expressions on their faces!!! They looked lovely and you captured it perfectly

  33. Sandra Gutierrez says:

    Que LINDOOOOO ….bjs

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