Lucile & Gertjie :: Farm wedding, Robertson

It’s that time, Blogging my last wedding of the Summer. I like to think it ended on a high note. There were just too many special details, emotions and love to have it any different way.  Lucile & Gertjie’s celebration was one like no other. Just too many reasons to list why I adore the two of them, and their day. To name a few :: The Decor by the fabulous Flambojant  was too die for, it suited the wedding on the family farm and Lucile & Gertjie’s personality perfectly, the DIY chandelier & bar the couple made themselves (how amazing!!), the aisle that Lucile painted herself, the fact that Lia had the biggest smile when the couple kissed for the first time as husband & wife, the fact that Lucile’s dad married them to the biggest party I have ever witnessed. Those farmers sure know how to throw a party!

Lucile, Gertjie & Lia, thank you for the honor in capturing your memories and your love for each other. Wishing you a colourful life together and 2 more pairs of little feet running around your farm in the future (just like table 3 declared) Love & Blessings, Charlene xo

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12 Responses to Lucile & Gertjie :: Farm wedding, Robertson

  1. Justine says:

    AAAh julle twee, dit is so so so pragtig!! Ek is net van voor af spyt ons het dit gemis. Al die detail is amazing, en julle lyk so gelukkig!! Pragtige fotos deur die fotograaf!!

  2. Carmen V says:

    Chazza!!!!Love die kos foto’s en you really captured the true emotion at this wedding!!!Absolutely well done!!!!enjoy the wee bit of a break before next ‘season’ … xxx much love

  3. WOW WOW WOW. LOVE IT!!! Thank you Charlene for the stunning décor photos! Lucile was such a stunning bride, and we wish them all the best. Love the ceremony photos so soft and romantic!

  4. Kerry says:

    Flipping GORGEOUS Chaz, what a way to end the season… and how awesome was that ceremony decor?! I love the amount of effort they put into their wedding, and you captured it all perfectly!! xx

  5. Anneke VJ says:


  6. Your photos just get better and better! Loving your work! WOW!!!!!!!!!

  7. Estelle le Roux says:

    WOW!!! Stunning Foto’s!!!!

  8. Penny for you says:

    Dit was nou so lekker om na hierdie troue te kyk deur jou lens! Fantastiese fotos.!

  9. Jana Coetzee says:

    Bitter bitter!!! Was soooo ‘n spesiale dag saam julle 2!xx

  10. L'Nell Kruger says:

    Baie baie mooi!!!!! Jy het so mooi gelyk Lucille! wens vir jou en Gertjie al die geluk in die wêreld toe xxx

  11. Andrea O'Kennedy says:

    Love julle fotos!!!julle albei het pragtig gelyk!!!

  12. ahhh die gorgeous charlene! :) love foto 365 and 403! :)

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