Lucia & Nico :: Engaged, Blouberg

The “berg” was in indeed “blou” on this particular evening. The Blouberg sky was showing off, as it does most days during winter in Cape Town. I’ve heard some people say that the beach is depressing winter time, but I disagree with loads of instagram pictures to prove my case. And to prove my case even further, scroll down and witness this beauty of a May sunset.

Lucia & Nico is getting married this Saturday at Babylonstoren and I can’t be any more excited to capture this special day for them. Enjoy guys!

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3 Responses to Lucia & Nico :: Engaged, Blouberg

  1. rebecca says:

    LOVE these, Chaz! So soft and serene. Absolutely lovely!

  2. Selma says:

    Wow! Charlene you have really outdone yourself with this one!!!! Xxx

  3. Clea (Lucia's sister) says:

    Lucy and Nico, these photos are amazing!! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

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