Karin & Trompie :: Riebeeck Kasteel

6th March, 2013

Oh, where do I really start with these two? Karin & Trompie (and the rest of the wedding party) had us in stitches the entire day. They laughed at all my silly jokes and lame sayings, so much so that I was beginning to think that I was quite funny then. The colorful wedding and playful polkadot bridesmaid dresses suited their vibrant personalities so well. We had just way too much fun.

Karin & Trompie – I love the way you base your beautiful relationship on the best friendship. As they say Love is friendship set to music. I love the way you make each other laugh so hard, that the happiness is contagious. Loved documenting your day so much and thank you for choosing me :)

Thanks as always to the best assistant, Suzette for helping me.

Love, chaz

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8 Responses to Karin & Trompie :: Riebeeck Kasteel

  1. Selma says:

    Soooooooo gorgeous Charlene! LOVE those polka dot dresses! What a happy wedding ;-)

  2. You know what I love these photos??? EVERYTHING! so many moments captured, and such a real feel for the fun and laughter on the day.

  3. Maria Swarts says:

    looks like so much fun at the wedding!!!
    so much energy on all of the pictures!!

  4. Awesome! Love the confetti shots and the bright colours. Definitely captured the most special moments.

  5. Verna Gray says:

    Mal hierhoor. Ek kon eenvoudig nie ophou glimlag nie! Wat ‘n great troue en ‘n great couple!

  6. Elzette van Zyl says:

    Ek is totaal besnot en betraan oor my ‘baby’ suster se pragtige foto’s… Well done Charlene!

  7. CarmenV says:

    LOOOOOOVE the polka dots and happy vibe ;)

  8. Alicia says:

    Lovely photos! Was the venue called Riebeeck Kasteel, or is it a venue in Riebeeck Kasteel?

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