Cate & Benn :: Vrede en Lust


Brace yourself for a story that fairytales and in todays’s age RomComs are made of. It started off with Cate saying hello to Benn at a beach bar in Boracay, Philippines. From that moment it developed in a whirlwind romance, a full year of long distances calls, moving to Hong Kong and later on embarking on a 15 month around the world backpacking trip. Few years later, precious Ria was conceived in Kenya on Valentines Day  which all led to this day. The most lovely April day surrounded with friends and family visiting from all around the world to celebrate the wedding of Cate & Benn at Vrede en Lust Wine Farm Estate.

I loved being part of this joyous occasion -  documenting the magic, the laughs and also the happy tears. Besides the crazy moves on the dancefloor, Benn, your speech was legend! The longest but the best I have yet experienced. Cate, Benn & little Ria, you guys are too adorable. Wishing you endless giggles, ”vrede” and happiness in your future together.


Vrede & Lust, Franschoek wedding

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5 Responses to Cate & Benn :: Vrede en Lust

  1. Suzette says:

    Stunning work, Charlene! I know they will be very happy seeing these :-)

  2. Cate Gilmour says:

    Hi Charlene, thank you so much for such a beautiful blog and amazing pictures. You really captured our dream wedding. Love your work! Hugs from three of us. Take care xx

  3. Wendy says:

    Awesome pictures xx it looked like the best day ever. Wish we had won the lottery to afford to come to your special day you both look great x xx love you guys xxx

  4. Tel says:

    Great photographs, everyone looks like they are having a ball.

  5. Dena says:

    Really captured the ambiance of a beautiful setting for the special couple and their friends and family , what an amazing bride and groom! Will live with me forever.

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