At our first meeting, we’ve discovered that we are family! Not a family in the traditional sense, but family at sea. You see  (and people that worked at sea will know this), once you share this common ground, you are regarded part of a certain tribe, regardless of whether you met on land. 

Soma & Chris are testament to that belief. Soma explained that she really value photography and that is one of the most important aspects for her, whilst Chris couldn’t help admitting that he hates being photographed. I smiled and had a confident knowing that that will change 😉 I was really excited to document their wedding in that moment. It seemed fitting to get my friend Werner Kruse onboard with whom I’ve worked in the same team at sea to craft their wedding video.

While these two was busy selling bespoke art pieces, their wedding was planned by the capable hands of Nicola Jane.

Wedding wishes were being granted.

Getting married & feast under the Oak trees and night sky. Check. Dancing beneath romantic twinkly fairy lights. Check.

A talented band making great music. Check. Checks all around – it was simply perfect.



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