Meet little Gioya, which means joy. And she is a bundle of joy…except when her feet touches the sand. Little did we know seeing that both mom & dad are beach bums, Gioya didn’t share that sentiment.

I was photographing Costi & Sabrina with Gioya on my left hip. Definitely a first for me! We are hoping it’s only the lack of beaches in Switzerland and that the fondness (or rather lack thereof) will change in the future 🙂

We continued our session the next day in their apartment (minus the sand) and Gioya was much happier .. she was so close to taking her first steps.

I enjoyed spending time with you as always, so awesome to meet Gioya and document some of  your family memories  in Cape Town. Love, Chaz

Sabrina & Costi-93

Our selfie also made the blog!







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