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Lucile & Gertjie :: Engaged

For you who knows me well, I’ve got a genuine love for the ocean, I find comfort in the ocean, it revitalize my being, hence the fact that I lived on water for almost a decade and the obvious choice is to live really close now. So when a couple is really keen to either get married on the beach or have a shoot there, I am in seventh heaven {or seventh ocean for that matter}

Lucile and Gertjie came all the way from Robertson for their engagement session, which I think was so worth it. And tomorrow I’m going all the way to Robertson for their farm wedding! And I just know that it will incredibly special. From what I’ve heard, amongst other things, they have made a chandelier for the barn. {Not have it made, they made it themselves!} I cannot wait guys. Tomorrow is going to be just fabulous


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4 Responses to Lucile & Gertjie :: Engaged

  1. Zeelia Britz says:

    SJOE, absoluut stunning fotos van 2 baie kosbare mense. More lekker troue hou!

  2. Mariska says:

    Pragtige foto’s van ‘n pragtige paartjie! Lucille, geniet jou groot dag more! xx

  3. Janize Janse van Rensburg says:

    Hi Lucile & Gertjie, Baie Geluk, met julle groot stap in die lewe, Hierdie foto’s wys julle liefde deur en deur vir mekaar, – Baie Mooi.

  4. GORGEOUS!! I loooooooove these Charlene!!

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