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Alicia & Nicqie :: Best friends

Oh, how I loved having these 2 gorgeous, vibrant girls behind my lens! For reals, we had so many laughs. I truly hope you love the photographs as much as I did capturing them!

xoxo, Chaz

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11 Responses to Alicia & Nicqie :: Best friends

  1. Monica Dart says:

    nothing like a really rock solid friendship. Love these – they are real and completely sum up how a girl can be when she’s with a best friend.

  2. Heathyr Huss says:

    Love these Charlene! The ones on the beachfront are gorgeous.

  3. Laura Jane says:

    So so beautiful Chaz. I agree….their friendship shows in these images. You’ve captured it so perfectly, so real.

  4. So cool, Charlene. Elke foto lyk so natuurlik en fun!

  5. Selma says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You can feel the energy between them!

  6. Marguerite says:

    Jy is briljant!

  7. Charlotte Treurnicht says:

    Love die shoot! baie cool!

  8. Avril Meaker says:

    Awesome and love the Seapoint shots!!!

  9. Very very cute, love them!

  10. Nikki says:

    Soos altyd stunning Charlene!! Die twee lyk te oulik!

  11. david says:

    well done!!love the ones at seapoint!!

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