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September has proven to be a fabulous (and indeed flattering) month for me as some of my work has been featured on 4 occasions.

I feel extremely proud to appear on Love Olio, which is an international directory of the most creative wedding photographers where brides and grooms can also browse for inspirational décor and design ideas from real weddings.

Blografr has also showcased some of my work as well as an interview with me. Blografr is an international site showcasing all genres of Photography. See the full interview here

Mareli & Grant’s beach bubbly Engagement session has been featured on The Bride with a Blog, which is also one of my favourite local wedding blogs filled with tons of inspiration and ideas for the modern bride.

Last, but not least, Yvette & Niel’s amazing celebration was published in My Wedding Day Magazine, which is my first published work. So I think that deserves a separate blog post altogether! Stay tuned 🙂

Although I have been a photographer abroad for just over 12 years, this was my first year working in the fabulous wedding industry in Cape Town {So I kinda felt like a newbie in a way} It has been quite a ride so far and now I feel extremely blessed that my work has been been so well received.

This wouldn’t have been possible from people in the industry that has supported me, liked my work and encouraged me with their lovely comments. There are way too many too mention. But I would like to thank my friends and former colleagues, Luis & Kerry based in Portugal (Piteira Photography), Laura ( Laura Jane Photography), Carmen (Carmen Visser Photography), my family and David for all the encouragement before I have even moved back to SA, as well as AdeneJaniDrikus for all the advice, support and referrals. Then special thanks to the talented Louise from Lovelab that has designed my blog and knew exactly what I wanted and just “got” me. I can not thank you enough.

And lastly thank you to all my wonderful couples that has booked and trusted me with their most special memories. I am honored. A lot.

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4 Responses to Love Olio, Blografr & The Bride with a Blog

  1. Kerry says:

    Charlene, you are awesomeness by definition, and this is just the beginning, girlie!! I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with in the coming season, you’re sure to blow us all away, and congrats on the magazine feature too, i’m excited to see it!!! xxx love you long time.

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  3. well done meisie!!! 🙂

  4. Carmen V says:

    Xxxx love jou werk Xxx a big fat congrats …..

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