Amanda :: Pregnancy

Wowwieee, it’s been a while since I’ve post anything on here. {But I can explain}

I’ve been away for a little while to one of the most breathtaking, photogenic places in the Western Cape to recharge our batteries and creating some real memories ourselves! {Photo’s to follow real soon}

Amanda has since given birth to precious Lyla on the 16th March. The fact that little Lyla said hello to our world on the 16th, I found quite ironic. See, 7 is a water number according to the Human Pincode {which i totally believe in} and our shoot has taken place surrounded by a lot of water!

Amanda, she should be a very calm baby – Here are a few of my favourites of Amanda and her beautiful creations Luke & Hunter…and Lyla of course


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6 Responses to Amanda :: Pregnancy

  1. Fiona Doherty says:

    Stunning! LOVE the one of the little girl lying on the sand with her eyes closed and face all screwed up in a grin, beautiful!

  2. PHEW! i got a little teary.
    These are awesome/ beautiful …..!!
    Amanda u are so amazing! miss u xx

  3. Love number 7 with the boy jumping out of the frame! Awesome!!

  4. Adene says:

    wow, jy is baie talentvol. Jou images is asemrowend!! Vol emosie – beautiful! xx

  5. amanda pepper says:

    just wanted to again say thank you for the amazing pics lady aw man i love my kids so much and youve captured it all so beautifully.
    much love
    one super grateful mama

  6. Ina says:

    Die shoot het my actually ‘n traan laat pik. Sooooo special!

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