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Jess & Marco :: Engaged

16th January, 2017

OOOOH Jess + Marco. You are the sweetest, most loveliest of couples together. Your love shines and it makes me happy. And I’m sure once I get to document your wedding, I’ll witness how you fill your people around you with joy.

I loved spending time with you and can’t wait to document the goodness that’s around the corner!

Much Love, Chaz







BY: Charlene Schreuder

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Sabrina, Costi and sweet Gioya

8th August, 2016

Oh you guys, what a pleasure to have you in front of the lens again.  Sabrina & Costi made some several appearances on my blog before. Once, holidaying in Cape Town before Costi proposed, their unforgettable wedding celebration at Holden Manz and like the children’s song goes, then comes babies. Meet little Gioya, which means joy. And she is a bundle of joy…except when her feet touches the sand. Little did we know seeing that both mom & dad are beach bums, Gioya didn’t share that sentiment. I was photographing Costi & Sabrina with Gioya on my left hip. Definitely a first for me! We are hoping it’s only the lack of beaches in Switzerland and that the fondness (or rather lack thereof) will change in the future :)

We continued our session the next day in their apartment (minus the sand) and Gioya was much happier .. she was so close to taking her first steps.

I enjoyed spending time with you as always, so awesome to meet Gioya and document some of  your family memories  in Cape Town. Love, Chaz


Sabrina & Costi-93

Our selfie also made the blog!







Cara & Elio :: Blue Horizon, Simonstown

27th April, 2016

“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you ” Written on a big blackboard at Cara & Elio’s Ceremony.  What instantly struck me after spending a bit of time with these two, is love that is based on a beautiful friendship bond they share. Best friends. Made for each other. Kinda felt like they have known each other forever.

Cara and Elio got married at Blue Horizon overlooking Simonstown. On the way up the hill on the winding road, I felt like I was lost. It was raining on a late February Saturday and the fog was slowly rolling in. Getting to the top I looked down at the ocean and knew this is the perfect spot for Cara & Elio’s wedding. The rain stopped 30 minutes before the ceremony. Perfect. And it started raining again just before we entered for the night celebrations. Incredible

Cara & Elio, absolutely loved being part of you day. Thank you.


Cape Town Documentary Photographer_Simonstown_0087